Journey Entrepreneurship

Women’s entrepreneurship and leadership can lead to unprecedented social change, making more and more women empowered, confident and financially independent.

Gone are the days when women were confined to domesticity. The desirable dawn of this new decade looks very promising to specifically drive budding women entrepreneurs in India. The winds of change are surely and steadily gaining momentum.

Women in the present day have been veritably recognized as an indivisible and essential part of the global struggle for a stable economy. The same is the case in India where women have recently become the symbol of change.

Women are believed to be an instrumental part of entrepreneurship and will continue to lead change for years to come. Women entrepreneurs in the world bring forth their different set of perspectives and thought processes that certainly amplifies the quality of a given solution or result. They come from various walks of life, with a unique set of experiences that definitely enhances the decision-making process. Through their ingenuity, they bring with their economic growth, innovation, creativity, and productivity. They also inspire other women and individuals to become business owners and establish female networking groups.

The 2019 Google-Bain report estimated that women-owned 13.5-15.7 million or 20% of all enterprises. An earlier estimate, the Sixth Economic Census (2013-14) calculated that women-owned 13.76% of enterprises in India.

is just the tipping point as there is so much potential that is still untapped. There are, still, some tremendous power and possibilities for advancements in women entrepreneurship, that can pave the way for the increased emergence of inspiring women in India.

Stop being a spectator as the stage is set for the rise of female changemakers and trailblazers. Simply make a move, become a player, follow your entrepreneurial passion and script a successful entrepreneur story in India, and worldwide!

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