About Us

Women Inspiring Network (WIN) is an inspirational storytelling network that emerged out of the lockdown with the aim of inspiring women in India and connecting aspiring women leaders from different walks of life. Now, with a community of more than 5000 remarkable women, WIN connects a vibrant network of female leaders who create a domino effect of sharing stories empowering future changemakers and bolstering women’s entrepreneurship and leadership.


We are a first-of-its-kind digital community that shines a light on the awe-inspiring stories of female achievers and helps build strong female networking groups. We provide aspiring women with a platform to connect with one other and share their dreams and beliefs, where they can continue to inform and inspire more and more women to realize their true potential.


From wellness to fashion, film industry to journalism, entrepreneurs to activists, WIN has been able to weave the different narratives of various women into a vibrant, integrated fabric, which illustrates the often-untold stories of struggles, perseverance and hope. Being a digital platform allows WIN to democratize access to unending inspiration and positivity through webinars, Instagram Live sessions, and other women networking events. As a women-founded and women-only team, we at WIN recognize and shine a light on stories that are relevant in contemporary gender equations. Ours is a comprehensive movement to Pay It Forward.