Mental Health

Mental health in all stages of life plays an effective and important role in inspiring women in India and worldwide. Recognizing the importance of mental health is crucial, particularly for women who play a vital role in families and society. In this regard, changes in social attitudes, outlooks and mindsets are essential for improving the mental health of women and reduce their mental health problems, which further accelerates their empowerment, in terms of human rights, education, social and financial participation, security, lack of discrimination, equal opportunities, responsibilities, roles and lifestyles and physical, mental, and financial conditions of women.

In fact, Women Inspiring Network has taken forward the conversation around mental health with its session on “Wellness for mom burnouts”.

Entrepreneur and mom-blogger Mansi Zaveri stated that “The biggest thing about burnout or any other mental health issues is acknowledge it, embrace it – the minute you resist it, it persists. Address it loud and clear. It will become so much easier. So many people would relate to you, in comparison to the handful bunch who judge you for it.”

Author and psychologist Pragati Surekha said that “I would request all mothers to laugh with their children on a regular basis. You may be strict or cool, but being understanding and having those regular hugs for your children, not only levels up your mood, but it also makes your child feel good.”

Entrepreneur Naina Ruhail also added that “Take time for yourself, take those much-needed breaks and never ever be afraid to seek help to cope with mental health issues and burnouts.”

Renowned mom-blogger Harpreet Suri shared that “I believe in sharing my life, challenges and story with my audience and followers. That can even go to venting out and being my authentic self. I’m not in favor of projecting a vibrant happening life on social media all the time, because that’s not what real life is, right?”

Thus, it is evident that when women unite to bring forth their truest selves, sharing genuine challenges, stories, life lessons, and issues involving mental health, they create a supportive space. Women networking events like these provide an opportunity to connect with others who understand the importance of getting help for mental health, living with mental health issues, and seeking help with mental health issues. It leads to relatable thoughts and instances being shared, fostering an understanding, thoughtful, and like- minded community of determined, strong-willed souls.