Women Inspiring Network to Host Three Thought-Provoking Panels during the World Economic Forum in Davos

Women Inspiring Network (WIN) proudly announces its participation during the upcoming World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Dedicated to the leadership, innovation and inspiration of women globally, WIN will spearhead three compelling panels from January 16th-18th, 2024, delving into crucial themes such as Women in Leadership, Innovation in Business, and the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ms. Stuti Jalan, the Founder of Women Inspiring Network, expressed her enthusiasm about the upcoming panels, stating, “At WIN, we believe in the power of inclusive dialogues to drive positive change. Our panel discussions at Davos aim to amplify the voices of women, showcasing their influence in leadership, innovation, and the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence. We look forward to inspiring and shaping the discourse on women’s roles in shaping a more equitable and innovative future.”

The first panel, “Women in Leadership: Discuss How Diverse Leadership Teams contribute to Innovation and Business Success”, scheduled for January 16 th 2024. will delve into the critical role of diverse leadership teams in driving innovation and business success. WIN with World Innovation Economics aims to showcase how the inclusion of women in leadership positions fosters creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

The second panel titled as “Trailblazing Women: In a New Era of Innovation” is scheduled on 17th January 2024. In a new era of innovation, trailblazing women have emerged as dynamic leaders, breaking barriers and reshaping the landscape of various industries. From the tech sector's boardrooms to the laboratories of groundbreaking research, these trailblazing women have redefined success, proving that gender is not a limitation but rather an asset in the pursuit of innovation. The discussion will focus upon the profound impact these women have on shaping the future, inspiring generations to come and ensuring that the spirit of innovation knows no gender

On January 18 th 2024, the stage will be set for the second panel, “Women and AI: 2 Powerful Forces Changing the World.” This engaging discussion will unfold at the “We Lead Lounge,” hosted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, the Confederation of Indian Industry, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This session will encompass diverse facets, including the role of AI in Bridging the Gender Gap and an exploration of how AI can foster more gender-inclusive workplaces.

Women Inspiring Network @ DAVOS 2024

Date  Time  Venue  Topic 
16th January 2024 4 PM World Innovation Economics Sunstar Hotel Davos 3 Oberwiesstrasse 7270 Davos Switzerland Women in Leadership: Innovation and Business
17th January 2024 11.00 AM Invest India Promenade 63 Trailblazing Women: In a New Era of Innovation
18th January 2024 11.15 AM We lead lounge by CII at p57 Women & AI – 2 Powerful Forces Changing the World

WIN invites attendees, delegates, and media representatives to join these thought-provoking discussions, contributing to a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights that have the potential to reshape the global narrative on women in leadership and innovation.

WIN at Davos 2024