Fashion Design Sustainability

Women Inspiring Network has done some in-depth conversations with respect to fashion, design and sustainability.

Fashion and women’s empowerment go hand in hand today, with fashion, of course, essentially transforming into a medium for women that’s definitely empowering them, not only in the way of dressing and self-expression, but by also giving a major stepping stone for those who wish to build a career in the industry from all walks of life.

The world of fashion is definitely evolving, becoming more inclusive and bringing a quantum wave of women empowerment fashion.

Women can now be seen levelling-up the way they dress more in the formal style for office work which in turn, helps them feel confident and empowered. From giving women workers an opportunity to provide for themselves to making female consumers feel beautiful and proud of themselves, the power of women coupled with the finesse of the fashion world around the globe has a tremendous impact on the development of our societies. Thus, we can now consider empowering women through fashion.

Many women are also voicing out concerns regarding sustainability in fashion design and powerfully impacting the world. Women Inspiring Network has witnessed several prominent female changemakers put forth their viewpoints on the same on the platform.

Esteemed Indian costume designer Ms. Anju Modi who designed for films Bajirao Mastani and Ram Leela, won several accolades for her work, and has spoken on our platform, believes that “Sustainability in fashion is a way of life. Giving back to the environment wherein we are nurtured and cared for, reusing and not wasting anything is absolutely vital.”

Another reputed Indian Fashion designer and a speaker on our platform, Ms. Payal Jain, is passionate about taking her father’s dream, The Prem Jain trust forward, which is aimed at bringing together people who believe in sustainability. She believes that “Today fashion is more than appearing on page 3, or holding a glass of wine at a fancy party. Sustainability must go hand in hand with fashion. It’s time to be kinder and sensitive to the planet with newer innovations – it’s all about the intention and the commitment. Sustainability is also going back to one’s craft and creating a way of empowering the society and doing your bit for the nature.”

Indian Supermodel and Founder of Wilderbee Talent Camp, Lakshmi Rana, has shared her ideas on how the students at her camp are trained to adopt sustainability and turn it into a way of life. She shared that “during the classroom lessons students are advised to make a shift from excessive consumerism and rather save money.” She further stated that “personally, I’ve also considerably reduced my fast fashion purchases over the years.”

As per the president of marketing at Obeetee, Angelique Dhama, “Sustainability is actually a way of life, and not a mere movement for us. We have always incorporated sustainable empowerment practices back at Obeetee, all these years. We are even considering designing biodegradable Obeetee carpets.”

President of Design Plus Associates (DPA), Sonali Bhagwati strongly believes that “Sustainability is something that needs to be absolutely deep-rooted – it must be imbibed in our system. I’m glad to see that more and more people are now accepting and adhering to various practices of sustainability.”

Lifestyle journalist and sustainability activist, Bandana Tewari shared that “Your fashion has to solve world problems. Fashion has to solve clothing waste; it has to look after our bodies as acts of mindfulness. Essentially when you wear something on your back, you have to be beholden to a moral compass. So, fashion or beauty just for the sake if it isn’t really worthwhile; it has to be about social change.”

Reputed product consultant, jewellery designer and co-founder of Future Collective India, Roma Narsinghani, stated that, “We now have a whole department just that’s catered towards every piece that we create is developed digitally. What I mean by digital is that it minimizes your resources. You do all your iterations online. So, the carbon footprint is considerably reduced. Further, we are now taking steps towards digital sustainability.”

As well articulated by Indian Super model Sonalika Sahay, “Fashion is not just about glamour and giggles. Almost everyone does surely come with that little starry eye, enamored by the glistening glamour, but it takes a lot of practice, hard work and passion.”

Fashion is thus, increasingly playing a crucial role in putting forward ideas, thoughts and opinions, in a way that today’s quintessential free-spirited and free-thinking women are using to their benefit, in order to empower themselves. Women empowerment in fashion has been definitely accelerated.

Slowly and steadily, changes are being incorporated to make the fashion industry more inclusive and reflective of the very spirit and diversity in women. Thus, there is no doubt that fashion will not only have a better reputation but will also be able to improve the lives of millions.

Women Inspiring Network is veritably passionate about taking forward important conversations around fashion, sustainability and empowering women through fashion.