Mindful Living

Life is not chosen, it is given. Your existence is not a matter of choice but everything after that is in your hands. Choose to live, mindfully.

Women Inspiring Network, is a child of the pandemic hence, one of the most important messages we focus on, is mindful living. We came into existence when the experience of living became eerily dystopian and hence a focus on mindful living and wellness was our priority. Adjusting to the lifestyle that was generated by the pandemic was hard on everyone, but it was all the harder for women.

Women had to juggle so many aspects of their lives in one loop. With increased length of the lockdown, violence against women skyrocketed. Women had the unfair responsibility of taking care of their children along with their jobs and household work. Our aim was to create a community where women could talk about their struggles and help one another. One of the best ways to cope during testing times, the practice of living in—and accepting—the present moment.

Aim not to live in the past or the present, breathe slowly and more deeply, gain control of your mind, inculcate headstrong habits and most of just keep going.

“Very often, when you’re starting a new task or a new business or even have a new idea it feels really overwhelming but break it down. So, I always sit with a spreadsheet and I’ll break down my idea into what I can do right now, research it and then what I actually need. So, I feel when you have an idea don’t be afraid of it, don’t be afraid to explore it, don’t be afraid to take risks. Instead sit down think, it through and figure out where you can start and that usually pushes you past the anxiety of whether I should do it or not. “- Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa, Director Strategy and Business Development, Khubchandani Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

“When you have an idea don’t be afraid to try it. Even if it’s something that doesn’t work out because in the end, you’ve got a whole bunch of experience that you’ve learned from it.”

“You need honesty. You cannot want or expect to look like a princess. You have to be loyal and honest to what you are doing. If you are going to go out and play the roles of a vamp or a negative character, do your best. You have to honest to your character, then only your acting would be good. There is no good actor of bad actor.” – Malini Kapoor, an Indian television and theatre actress.

“How yoga keeps us positive is a wonderful question. So, during the lockdown yes it has gained   everybody’s eye. But this practice has been here for 5000 years in our ancient Hindu system and it has now taken the world by storm. It has been applied, modified and understood in in various countries and parts of the world by different yoga schools. During the lockdown, it is a wonderful fortifying practice, not just to increase your immune system your own defence mechanism against this disease. So, this is an integrated therapeutic practice that can helps you without any side effects or without any medicines.” – Garima Bhandari, a renowned Yoga Coach and a thriving Impression Management Evangelist

“We are not taught to prioritize ourselves, especially as women. Passion and ambition feel like a luxury, silly stuff, I will put my family first and I’ll take whatever is left. This generation is realizing that the way our mothers, grandmother martyred themselves, does not work for us anymore.” – Sonia Jha, award-winning mindset and wellness expert

“I wish everyone has a passion. Passion is something that is lacking these days. Everybody is so busy with their work and everyday life, that their passions take back seat. But when your passion by default becomes your profession, everything else just aligns.” – Sumaya Dalmia, founder SD Wellness Pvt Limited

“Follow your heart, but don’t do it blindly. We run with our passion but we need to see if we have the right skills. Follow your passion with logic. If you don’t have enough skills, work on it. ” – Dr. Shamoly Khera, author – Science of Confidence and TV Presenter