Women Empowerment

Health Issues Women Must Not Ignore

Here’s why women need that extra boost in healthcare.

Health is a topmost priority. The current pandemic times has made us realise the importance of healthcare. While all segments of the world’s population should prioritise health, women need to pay greater attention and manage their health more closely. This is because there are some health conditions that affect women more frequently – and differently too.

There are a few health issues that are specific to women but often go misdiagnosed. To top that, most medical studies exclude women from participation that leads to misreporting of health conditions. Having said that, women’s health problems are often misunderstood, and many women don’t get the medical attention they need and deserve. In some cases, there is simply not enough information available to them.

A shoutout to all women, it is high time you sit up and take control of your health. But before doing that, first educate yourself of the various health issues that affect the fairer sex at various stages of life.

Health conditions specific to women

  • Breast cancer:

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women and the second leading cause of cancer deaths.

  • Ovarian and cervical cancer:

This type of cancer occurs in the cells of the cervix (lower part of the uterus). All women are at risk for cervical cancer, but it occurs more in women above 30 years.

  • Pregnancy:

A woman’s body undergoes various transformations during the nine months of pregnancy. While bodily changes like morning sickness, backache, tender breasts are common, some women suffer more serious discomforts and complications that need urgent attention.

  • Menopause:

A natural part of aging, menopause causes a change in oestrogen and progesterone levels in the body that leads to symptoms like vaginal dryness and hot flashes.

  • Heart conditions:

A few health studies indicate that there are higher heart attack deaths in women as compared to men. Heart attack is the leading cause of deaths for women in the United States.

  • Mental health:

Women are more susceptible than men to common mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety.

  • Gynaecological health:

Apart from women-specific issues like period pain, there are potential health issues like urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted illnesses that are more common women.

As a concluding statement, we urge you all to not ignore any signs and symptoms. Make an appointment with your doctor and get your routine checks done regularly. Prioritise your health.

Optional – Note for men:

If you have a loved one at home suffering from any of the above health conditions, never let them feel alone or miserable. Manage them well and shower your love, care and patience.