Planning for a Career Post Covid: How to Future Proof Your Professional Life

This year might seem like the equivalent of an endless curse by an omnipotent Oracle, but like most (good and) bad things, it shall lay down its weapons soon. And when that happens and you prepare to start getting out of your PJs for work and hitting every career goal that 2020 has sent for a toss, your old battle plan will hardly stand ground in a world that has gone through unprecedented change on a scale that resembles time on Miller’s planet (one hour did feel seven years sometimes, TBH). So, along with rebooting your professional wardrobe, as the year draws close, it is also time to reboot how you go about future-proofing your career for a world post covid. Here are a few ways in which you can peer through the fog to chart out your path for 2021:

1 Assess Your Skill Set and Train Yourself

The pandemic has pushed companies to take further steps in automation, replacing a lot of the workforce and putting a lot of pressure in keeping up with changing industry trends. The only way you can stay abreast and ahead of these advancements is by continuously educating and training yourself in your field. Assess the skills, experience, and degrees of people that you look upto have in their oeuvre and research what you can do to take yours a notch or two higher. Think of digital courses in niche topics to strengthen your skills further and prove yourself to be a force to reckon with, even after the world has undergone such mammoth change.

2. Embrace the Change

First of all, yes, we get it. You feel overwhelmed about the hundred different ways your work and how you work has changed. But, you must accept that change, no matter how it was brought on, is inevitable and the only way to flourish through it is to accept it, pull up your socks, tighten your belt, and strut forward. Your agility and ability to bend yourself as your respective industry evolves will say volumes about you as a professional. This will help you keep the ball in your court for when you want to ask for that raise/promotion.

3. Be Virtual

That’s right. The pandemic has shown us more than ever that the digital realm is taking over, and how! While we learnt how to attend Zoom meetings 2 minutes after waking up from a midday nap and giving a baller presentation, it’s time we solidify it further with our digital creative skillset, collaborations, and being accepting of new ideas. The more virtual you can get, the more flexible you make yourself and if you are an entrepreneur, will be able to dip your feet into every aspect of your business with ease.

4. Eyes on the Prize

What can be a greater prize for your consistent hard work than a secure and solid future? At a time when change is the only constant, it becomes all the more important to set goals smartly. These can include immediate, short-term and long-term goals that will help you stay on track for what you have envisioned for your professional career. Having said that, it is also crucial to allow yourself the leeway to accept any failure that might stump you on the way, as long as you get right up.