Women Empowerment

The Show Must Go On

Women Inspiring Network took forward a conversation, titled The Show Must Go On: Creativity, Connection, and Evolution in the Performing Arts on July 29th July, at 7:00 PM. WIN presented an exceptional panel discussion with some of the most inspiring women in India – changemakers and trailblazers such as Amrita Chowdhury – author, entrepreneur and innovator; Dolly Thakore: Theatre Actor, Casting Director, Curator; Dilnaz Irani: Film and Theatre Actor; and Ritu Bhatia, Playwright & Screenplay Writer.

Theatrical performing arts have seen continuous evolution in themes, formats, approach to storytelling, and modes of performance to reflect changes in society, technology, and production. India has seen pathbreaking performative content – which has been conceptualized and storyboarded and delivered in new ways and reached new audiences. In recent times, digital and social media and technology platforms have touched this sphere as well. The discussion was aimed to understand that how the digital future will further shape this space. Each panellist will bring forth a unique perspective to the table.

Amrita Chowdhury, who is an author, entrepreneur and innovator, stated that “This episode of Winning Minds brought together stalwarts from theatre and drama – content creators and performers. We have dived through their journeys to understand the motivational drivers and paths to creative success in the performing arts. We also explored the role of technology in the creation, communication, and performance – and the nature of changes in this space.”

Dilnaz Irani, Film and Theatre Actor stated that “Theatre has changed in the last year and a half… changed drastically. But then the question arises, Can We Still Call it Theatre?”

Ritu Bhatia, who is a Playwright & Screenplay Writer said, “Theatre has always struggled as a niche art form, but these last 2 years have hit the performing arts like nothing else. I think the need of the hour is to create public spaces for ourselves- do versions of Shakespeare in the park, do an upgraded Nukkad Natak format – if the audience won’t or can’t come to you – you go to them.”

This insightful, in-depth session was broadcast across social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.