WIN X Aazol – Celebrating home-grown brands & women entrepreneurship

Women Inspiring Network took forward the conversation on bolstering home-grown brands, small businesses and women entrepreneurship in India, in collaboration with Aazol Ventures Pvt. Ltd., presenting an exceptional panel discussion with some of India’s renowned female changemakers and trailblazers.

An in-depth, live discussion on Instagram, on 30th November, 2021, at 4:00 PM, was the first leg of the association between WIN & Aazol, with a power-packed panel comprising of Harpreet Suri – renowned mom-blogger and influencer, Mrs. India mentor; in addition to Apurva Purohit – leading Businesswoman, author, Founder: Aazol Ventures Pvt. Ltd., and Stuti Jalan – founder of Women Inspiring Network. The discussion was aimed at taking forward the conversation on the growing prominence of home-grown brands, and how small, especially women-led businesses in India are adapting themselves, in the wake of the pandemic and subsequent digitalization.

As the second leg of the association between WIN & Aazol, a live panel discussion was hosted on Facebook, on 2nd December, 2021, at 4:00 PM, with a panel comprising of again, some of the most inspiring women in India, i.e. Apurva Purohit – leading Businesswoman, author, Founder: Aazol Ventures Pvt. Ltd.; Kanisha Malhotra – Entrepreneur, Actor, Influencer & filmmaker; Meghna Ghai Puri – President: Whistling Woods International & Educationalist; Mansi Zaveri – Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster, Founder: Kidsstoppress; Amrita Chowdhury – Author, Entrepreneur, innovator, board member: and Stuti Jalan – founder of Women Inspiring Network. The discussion was aimed at taking forward the conversation on the bolstering wave of women entrepreneurship today.

Both the discussions were essentially conducted, in an effort to celebrate home-grown brands, small business and business owners, and the very spirit and essence of female entrepreneurship and the future of enterprising, aspiring women entrepreneurs in India, and beyond, looking to take the entrepreneurial plunge. The symposiums aimed to give some refreshing new outlooks and stances with respect to how today’s leading changemakers view the electrifying and absolutely empowering wave of female entrepreneurship across the country. The sessions also shed light on matters, such as key motivators for small business-owners, bringing back cultural nostalgia with domestic brands, contributing factors to promising growth in the number of female entrepreneurs, essence of women entrepreneurship in the society, valuable insights for individuals looking to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship and weave a successful entrepreneur story in India, etc. Each panelist brought forth a unique perspective to the table.

Leading Businesswoman, author and Founder of Aazol, Apurva Purohit has stated that “Once women become entrepreneurs, they not only run more equitable and good organizations but they also encourage and push other women both through being role models and through actively employing other women.”

Entrepreneur, mom blogger, and founder of Kidsstoppress, Mansi Zaveri said that, “we are all causing little ripples in so many different ways. And if you can even pick up one woman and walk her and lift her up that too, I think, is impactful enough. Afterall, real success is impact caused on lives. The number of lives that I can impact, right?

Author, entrepreneur, innovator and board member, Amrita Chowdhury has interacted with several women changemakers in the past and shared that, “I think that the sense of personal agency, that sense of I want to make a difference, that, I value myself, my mind, and I value what I can bring to people around me… witnessing this thought process is truly amazing and has been my major takeaway.”

Actor and entrepreneur, Kanisha Malhotra, stated that “social media in a way has been a really big support for all of us, especially the small businesses and entrepreneurs. Because, I didn’t have a website to begin with. So, I started posting stuff on my Instagram handle or Facebook handle. So that’s where my business pages caught the momentum.”

Entrepreneur, educationalist and director, Meghna Ghai Puri shared about her journey, saying that, “I think believing in yourself is so important. I think a lot of women do not believe in their own potential. It may seem so difficult to actually put into action. But, please believe in yourself, have the courage to face ups and downs.”

Renowned mom blogger, content creator and Mrs. India mentor, Harpreet Suri, stated that, “I come from a very conservative family. I never thought that I would be able to do something worthwhile in life. However, I changed the game, and chose to become the heroine of my own life.”

Stuti Jalan, founder of Women Inspiring Network, stated that “The role and journey of Women entrepreneurs in the nation’s economic development is inevitable. Women are willingly taking up business and contributing to the nation’s growth. Their role needs to be increasingly recognized and wholehearted steps need to be taken to promote women entrepreneurship.”

Aazol is an FMCG company which operates in the consumer food space. It exists at the inflection point of tradition and modernity, combining artisanal products made in small-batches with efficiencies of scale. Aazol aims to create a sustainable and equitable eco-system which recognizes the interconnectedness of each stakeholder using the three pillars of environment protection, social equality and good governance. Aazol in Marathi means the home of your maternal grandparents. Hence, it’s all about reliving the love and affection showered on you by your ‘Aaji’, through the foods of Aazol.