Women Inspiring Network presents #WinningMinds

Minds is a series to document brilliant work done by supremely talented authors. Women who are bold and have broken the mold. WIN’s ode to women who have found purpose through passion. Women who yield authentic power of energy. This series is hosted by Amrita Chowdhury – Author, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Board Member.

Amrita Chowdhury is the author of two bestselling fiction books – Faking It, an art crime thriller, and Breach, a cybercrime thriller, and contributor to Chicken Soup for the IITian Soul.

She followed her love for books to serve as the South Asia CEO & Publisher of global publishing firm Harlequin and build romance and women’s writing imprints for India. She frequently writes and speaks on business, technology, governance, and lifestyle issues for a variety of media channels, digital platforms, event platforms, and government think tanks.

Amrita Chowdhury – Author, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Board Member, said, “Blending a breadth of interest in ideas that span storytelling, liberal arts, business, technology, and more, I am looking forward to insightful discussions with fascinating women writers.”

Stuti Jalan, Founder, WIN, said, “With Amrita Choudary as our win ambassador, we are looking forward to collaborating with accomplished authors from various genres under one roof. We hope to inspire women writers and women leaders who want to be a part of creating change.”

“The series is an ongoing event and we have 20 more authors in the pipeline aligned for the year,” Jalan added.

Mansi Zaveri- Founder, Kidsstopress

Mansi Zaveri, a mom and an entrepreneur started Kidstoppress- an online platform for moms to connect. She wanted to establish a unified platform for moms with a desi touch and is now a proud founder of Kidstoppress.

Anushka Ravishankar- Author

Anushka Ravishankar is a bestselling and award-winning author, also the founder of the publishing house-Duckbill Books.

Previously also a publishing director at Scholastic India, she is the author of the book called Tiger on the Tree which has sold over 15000 copies internationally.

Pragati Sureka- Psychologist

She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, working in the realm of mental health since the last fifteen years. Since an early age, she has read voraciously, contributed articles for the school chronicle, journaled and written in some form or the other. Her formal writing career started last year. ABCs of Emotions is Pragati’s third book. Her earlier work includes Musings: An Insight into Me and Hope:stories for a healthy mind;  a unique storybook published by Scholastic,  this year.

Priya Kuriyan- Illustrator

Priya Kuriyan is a children’s book writer, illustrator, comics maker and animator. She is a graduate of NID and has directed educational films for the Sesame Street show (India) and the Children’s Film Society of India. She constantly likes to try her hand with various visual styles and fills her sketchbooks with strange caricatures of people from places she travels to.